It's official, the provincial government is ready to redevelop Ontario Place.

"We're going to bring Ontario Place back to life and make it a spectacular world-class, year-round destination to visit in North America," Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport, Michael Tibollo, said in a statement. "Our vision for Ontario Place will make it an impressive attraction that could include exciting sport and entertainment landmarks, public parks or shopping. We could also have places for recreation, for people to come together and to hear great music at the existing amphitheatre."

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The announcement comes after months of worrisome commentary from Premier Doug Ford who's long been pushing a casino and megamall on Toronto's waterfront.

Back in September Ford then Tourism Minister Sylvia Jones vowed to "redo Ontario Place and make it the most spectacular destination anywhere in North America to visit.”

The announcement came just over a year after former premier Kathleen Wynne and her Liberal party spent $30 million on a partial renovation of the park.

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On Friday, the provincial government put out a call to potential partners from around the world for their input on a new Ontario Place.

"Our Government for the People believes in and supports the innovation of the private sector and we're going to search world-wide for the most innovative ideas out there," Tibollo said.

Proposals will be accepted in the spring, but those with ideas for the site are encouraged to share them in advance by emailing them to Infrastructure Ontario.

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According to the government website, areas available for development include the Ontario Place islands, mainland, pods and Cinesphere.

The space that houses the Budweiser stage is not open to development on account of its current lease.

The site also states that residential proposals and proposals that require operating grants from the province will not be considered.