Real Estate News

Real Estate News

Premier Wynne responds to Toronto real estate crisis — here’s how the media covered it 


Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has revealed a plan for the Toronto real estate sector and other overheated markets to attempt to address what her government is calling a “problem.”

Highlights of the 16-point plan introduced to help curtail the city’s runaway housing sector include a new 15 per cent foreign property buyers’ tax, a cap on rent hikes, a new standard lease for tenants, a $125-million program to encourage new purpose-built rental apartment buildings and proposed changes for realtors.

Here is a snapshot of how the news media covered the announcement, including commentary and video.

CBC News

‘We know we have a problem’: Ontario lays out sweeping measures to curb high rents, home prices

The Globe and Mail

Wynne announces a 15% foreign buyers tax among measures to cool housing markets in Ontario: VIDEO

Global News

Commentary: Why Wynne’s no-win plan won’t fix Toronto’s real estate bubble

The Toronto Star

New tax, rent controls part of Wynne’s plan to protect tenants and homebuyers

CTV News

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