There could be another new addition to Toronto’s perpetually evolving Parkdale neighbourhood. The historically underserved and gritty neighbourhood is set to completely transform with each new proposed development. More often than not, affordable housing is not front and centre to these projects. Most recently, however, an application was submitted to the City for 1337, 1339, and 1355 King Street West for an infill affordable housing development.

The site is located in South Parkdale, east of Jameson Avenue and south of King Street West.

Gladki Planning Associates has been retained by the Parkdale United Church Foundation (PUCF) to provide planning services in advancing the infill development of the property. Recognizing the persistent and growing need for affordable rental housing in South Parkdale, PUCF is proposing the construction of a new 10-storey infill building, designed to integrate 92 additional units of affordable rental housing.

The proposed 10-storey infill totals 5,500 square metres of residential GFA and includes eight vehicle parking spaces including two accessible spaces. A total of 42 long-term bicycle parking spaces and 20 short-term parking spaces are also provided. All of the proposed units will be provided as affordable housing, including 10 replacement rental units. The housing program will be operated by PUCF, an affordable housing operator.

PUCF currently operates affordable housing services through two buildings located on the proposed site. The exiting 11-storey Phoenix Place Apartments (1355 King West, at the corner of King and Dunn) will remain intact and, according to the application, the proposed development is “carefully designed to harmonize with the existing and emerging urban fabric of South Parkdale, respecting the existing built context while allowing for changing housing needs to be met.” Phoenix Place Apartments was built in 1976, but underwent a recent renovation.

Currently, Shalom House operates in a houseform building on the property addressed as 1337 King Street West. The housing program 2 occupied the building in 2008 and fronts King Street West. A total of 146 units are currently provided, including 136 units within the existing 11-storey apartment and 10 units within the houseform building. The proposed development will require the demolition and reconstruction of two houseform buildings on the site, Shalom House and a vacant two and a half-storey houseform building positioned at the eastern boundary of the property.

The infill redevelopment of the property will allow for the replacement of existing residential units located within Shalom House. Tenants will be relocated prior to demolition.

Parkdale The current site

In addition to the 136 affordable rental units that will be retained through the infill development application, with the introduction of 92 additional units, a total of 228 affordable rental housing units will occupy the site. A large outdoor amenity area will be established at the rear of the property, as will parking.

According to the application, the development has been approved by Toronto City Council as a housing development that is supported under the City’s Open Doors affordable housing initiative and one that aligns with the broader HousingTO 2020-2030 Action Plan, which underscores the need for new housing.

PUCF was established by the church’s congregation in 1973 and was formed to address rising housing costs in the changing Parkdale community. Four decades later, the problem remains as pressing as an issue as ever. The news of this development is likely refreshing for Parkdale residents, many whom have been vocal about their desire to reduce shiny new condo developments in the neighbourhood.

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