Happy Easter Happy Easter from Toronto Storeys! We've gathered the top 5 stories that resonated through the winter season, offering inspiration for spring.

Easter Monday caps an exciting holiday stretch, as Passover also nears the end of an eight-day holiday. To celebrate the rebirth of spring and finally say goodbye to snow (we think and we hope), Toronto Storeys has put together our top 5 stories our readers liked best through this cold, mildly snowy winter. Click the link for the full story.

25 to follow in Toronto real estate Who doesn’t love keeping their fingers on the pulse of Toronto’s real estate happenings, with the market so robust and full of energy. Here are 25 Twitter and Instagram accounts to follow to get you closer to the action.

5. 25 to follow in Toronto real estate (By Nina Dragicevic)

You are what you eat — but you’re probably also what you consume every day, all day, in your online “feeds.” Perhaps now, you are what you retweet.

To that end, Toronto Storeys collected a wide variety of Twitter (and some Instagram) accounts to put on your daily sampling plate. Toronto and real estate lovers — bon appetit!

typical facade of a modern town suburban house near the pond at noon Townhomes come in all shapes and sizes. Tough to sort it all out? Read on to learn about condo townhomes vs. freehold townhomes and check out the infographic at the bottom for a comparison of the two.

4. Taking the townhouse route? Here’s what you need to know about condo vs. freehold (By Hyder Owainati)

For Torontonians on the house hunt, finding a property in the city can prove to be a tall order. Especially if you’re searching for a picturesque two-storey detached house complete with four bedrooms, a backyard and garage.

Between seven-figure asking prices and intense bidding wars, many buyers often have to drop their expectations down a peg, and factor in that their future house will likely have an attached neighbour — or two.

King Street Pilot Study - Christopher Hume - King Street A King Street with no cars, much like the pedestrianized promenade during the Toronto International Film Festival, would be more efficient and serve more people. It would also be more democratic, writes Christopher Hume. (Source: Vlad Podvorny)

3. King Street awaits the royal treatment, but not until the cars are gone (By Christopher Hume)

Every so often, Toronto wakes up to the fact it’s a city, not a series of parking spots connected by concrete and asphalt. It’s having one of those moments now and the result is the King Street Pilot Study.

Among the options envisioned by the plan, which seeks to alleviate congestion on Toronto’s busiest street, is the possibility of closing King to cars. The proposal is years from implementation, but the mere fact we’re talking about it is evidence that wonders never cease.

Colin and Justin - Home Decor - Header Self-proclaimed Scottish love gurus Colin & Justin know a thing or two about getting in the mood. This soaker tub draped in red beckons — can you resist?

2. Sex up your home decor with cues from Toronto’s sultriest hotels (By Colin and Justin)

As a romantic couple of 29 years (yeah, we know, you thought we were in our very early 30s, right?), home designers across three continents and Harlequin romance novel cover models (Canada’s answer to Fabio on a buy one get one free basis?), we know precisely how to imbue your home with the love factor. And take it from us: when it comes to sexing up the style quotient chez vous, you needn’t look far.

Sold Over Asking “Sold Over Asking” doesn’t have much meaning — it’s how much the home sold over market value that’s important, writes Leslie Tokayer, Broker at Royal LePage (Partners Realty, Brokerage).

1. Why ‘Sold Over Asking’ is irrelevant in Toronto’s real estate market (By Leslie Tokayer)

"Sold Over Asking” — a phrase those watching the Toronto housing market hear quite frequently these days.

This phenomenon has captured the attention of the news media, who have crafted such intoxicating headlines as “GTA house goes for $400,000 over asking: ‘It was like a rock concert’” as seen in the Toronto Star, and “Toronto house sells for more than $1m over asking” as reported by Global News. Agents also cash in on the glamour, adding massive “Sold Over Asking” banners atop their sold signs.

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