There's something to be said for being in the centre of it all. Not to mention, having it all.

So if you're the type of person who prefers your summer vacation to be in the swing of things, this Moon River beachfront property is exactly what you've been waiting for.

Located within walking distance of Bala, the summer hub of Muskoka, you'll be able to trade the dock for a famous butter tart at Don's Bakery in just a few short steps anytime the occasion calls (and trust us, it calls often).

The 25-year-year old, 3,600 sq ft. family cottage offers 130-ft of eastern facing shoreline -- perfect for those Muskoka mornings with fresh coffee in hand -- with shallow entry points and a sandy beach for kids and adults of all ages to enjoy. And with seven(!) bedrooms and five bathrooms, this destination truly could be the multigenerational vacation of your dreams.

Regardless of who you choose to spend your precious summer escape with -- from grandkids to childhood friends -- there will definitely be room for some (friendly?) competition. And you won't have to go farther than the cottage's lower level to find it: a ping pong table, pool table, and card table are all waiting for you to ante up.

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Of course, we expect at a property like this that you'll be spending most of your time on the private dock, soaking up the sun, the sand, the river, and stepping into the property's canoe or kayak from time to time for a more thorough surface-level excursion.

According to Chloe Verner of Muskoka District Rentals, the "sandy shoreline and flat landscape ideal for children" is just one of the top reasons families will enjoy booking their vacation on Moon River. And for those looking for some extracurricular options off the property, Muskoka's famous The Kee to Bala, with weekly concerts and waterski shows, should do the (nightly) trick.

With several weeks of summer still available to book, and at just $861 a night for up to 14 people, the math certainly ads up on this Moon River property. So don't wait, there won't be another one like this "Waitin' 'round the bend..."





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All photos via Muskoka District Rentals

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