Mississauga is preparing for growth, and transit is a big part of its future.

With almost 50 new condo towers forecast for the City Centre area alone in the next 10 years, the second largest city in the GTA is asking the Trudeau and Ford governments to help fund three significant projects that will boost the infrastructure needed for growth.

In total, the city is putting forward $847.5 million worth of projects. It is also requesting help in funding new buses, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) lanes, express corridors, bus shelters and more.

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Infrastructure aid is also being sought to finance upgrades to the South Common Community Centre and Library and the public marina and waterfront park in Port Credit.

The aid is being sought from the federal government's Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP).

ICIP is a 10-year federal infrastructure program whose purpose is to create long-term economic growth, build sustainable communities and support a low-carbon economy.

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The government in Ottawa is putting up $33 billion through the ICIP to cost-share projects under four "streams," three of which - Public Transit; Community, and Culture and Recreation – apply to Mississauga.

Approximately $339 million in federal funding and $282.5 million in provincial funding under the public transit stream, has been earmarked for Mississauga over the next 10 years.

Residents are also eagerly anticipating construction of the new Hurontario LRT line — slated to open in 2024 — that will connect Hurontario St. in Brampton to Port Credit in Mississauga, bringing commuters more options to get across the GTA.

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Spanning 18 kilometres with 19 stations along its separated guideway, this new light rail transit will provide under-serviced communities with increased opportunities to work, live and play. Not only this, but increased development options for residential and business real estate.

“Infrastructure funding investments are important and help us build strong, vibrant communities. This funding will allow us to build a transit and transportation system that is convenient, connected, and reliable for those who live and work here," said Mayor Bonnie Crombie.

She also said in insauga.com that “this will be the largest investment we've made in public transit to date with an $847.5 million total cost for the projects we're putting forward.

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"These projects include Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) lanes along our Lakeshore and Dundas corridors, as well as the purchase of 409 new hybrid-electric buses to green our transit fleet and help us hit our GHG reduction targets."

The city’s General Committee recently identified and approved the projects the city will submit for consideration to ICIP.

Janice Baker, city manager and Chief Administrative Officer said that “for transit in particular, this funding program is helping to provide the predictable and sustainable infrastructure funding needed to grow, maintain and improve our current transit systems.”

The city submitted the documents for the public transit proposals as required by ICIP by the October 24 deadline.

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