Toronto-based Madison Group has big plans for a site in the city’s midtown, and the development hot-spot that is Eglinton Avenue East.

On Tuesday, the real estate development group announced not only that they will be bringing a master-planned community to 90-110 Eglinton Avenue East and 150-164 Eglinton Avenue East in the coming years, but that they have brought on “award-winning global architect firm” Rafael Viñoly Architects to work alongside Turner Fleischer Architects and MPFP Landscape Architecture to bring the project to fruition.

For its part, Viñoly Architects is known for its work in Tokyo, London, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, and New York, and on the iconic 432 Park Avenue project in Manhattan. The company's principal, Rafael Viñoly, passed away recently, in March 2023.

As for the development itself: a press release from Madison Group explains that the gross floor area between the four towers is expected to clock in at nearly two-million sq. ft, with approximately 1,002,085 sq. ft planned between the two, 58-storey towers at 90-110 Eglinton, and another 958,180 sq. ft slated for the two 61-storey towers at 150-164 Eglinton.

Jointly, the four towers will bring 2,364 new residential units and around 54,415 sq. ft of publicly accessible open space to the site.

eglinton avenue east master plan madison groupTurner Fleischer Architects/Madison Group

“This will be the last project visionary architect Rafael Viñoly contributed to himself, and the firm’s first-ever project in Canada,” the release also says. It goes on to explain that the project has been designed “with families and the community in mind” and will exemplify the “shared vision” of Madison and Viñoly: “pedestrian-oriented urban design and landmark architecture, bringing forward a unique development vision and architectural form to Toronto.”

Román Viñoly, Partner at Rafael Viñoly Architects, underlines that this is the company’s first project in Canada.

“Throughout our more than four decades of practice, guided by our founder Rafael Viñoly, we have approached each new engagement with the conviction that every significant investment in the built environment is a ‘civic project’ by default, regardless of use or source of funding,” Viñoly adds. “Buildings in dense environments are so capital-intensive, unignorable, and enduring that they inevitably impact the lives of every individual in their host communities. Our design ethos is thus rooted in leveraging these enormous commitments of time, capital and passion, to create spaces that inspire and connect people.”

eglinton avenue east master plan madison groupTurner Fleischer Architects/Madison Group

eglinton avenue east master plan madison groupTurner Fleischer Architects/Madison Group

Meanwhile, Rick Parisi, Managing Principal with MPFP, points out that the project will bring “vibrant gathering spots that inspire connection and elevate quality of life” to the area in midtown Toronto.

“The Eglinton project was unique, as Rafael’s vision opened up a vast canvas for us to work with, emphasizing humanity’s innate connection with nature,” Parisi says. “We’ve structured a public realm of interconnected outdoor rooms that seamlessly integrate with the buildings, forming desired pathways. Retail and cafes enliven these spaces, such as the plaza and amphitheater, offering both daily comfort and seasonal programming. The entire block, including an adventure playground and a sculpture garden with a cafe, can be dynamically utilized year-round.”

As mentioned, Eglinton Avenue East has garnered plenty of development interest as of late. In addition to a Housing Now affordable and cooperative housing development that’s set to crop up in that area in the years to come — pending zoning approvals, of course — RioCan has plans for master-planned community on Eglinton underway.

In addition, Madison Group has recently revised their two-tower proposal for 50-60 Eglinton Avenue East, and are seeking 46 and 58-storeys in lieu of the previously proposed 33 and 35-storeys.

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