Will Kawhi Leonard stay or will he go?

That’s the biggest question Raptors fans have been debating this NBA season. In fact, plenty of Torontonians have pulled tricks to entice the star player to stay, even going as far as offering him free food for life and a free penthouse of his choice if he re-signs with the Toronto Raptors.

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That’s why a new report about Leonard purchasing a Toronto property has some fans convinced he’ll stay in the 6ix.

“What we’ve heard is that he has purchased property in Toronto,” TSN 1050 radio host Michael Landsberg said on Monday. “We’ve heard this now from two different sources indicating that there’s something there.”

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David Thorpe, of TrueHoop.com, was a radio guest on Landsberg’s show and corroborated the report. Thorpe claimed that sources told him Leonard planned to re-sign with the Raptors “at least on a short-term deal.”

However, these are all just rumours. The sources have not been identified and the details remain vague making it hard to tell whether or not this report is actually new information.

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We already know Leonard purchased property in Toronto. Back in September, NBA analyst Peter Yannopoulos confirmed this in a tweet, distinctly noting that the 27-year-old player owned the property and was not renting. However, no other details of the Toronto home were released.

To confuse Raptors fans even more, Leonard reportedly bought a $13.3-million San Diego property in January. This only further fuelled the “will he stay or will he go” debate.

Since news broke on Monday that Leonard purchased property in Toronto, fans have been sharing their theories on Twitter about why he would do this.

Another said they wouldn’t be surprised if the recent rumours were true.

But one user did point out that it was peculiar that Leonard would buy a home when he was offered a penthouse in the city for free.

Either way, there are plenty of reasons for Leonard to stay in Toronto, and fans are hoping their love for him will be enough to convince him.