Legendary actor and comedian John Cleese found himself in need of a new place to rent in Huntsville after an Airbnb confusion left him without a place to stay while filming a movie in the area.

The Monty Python actor tweeted Monday that he was in need of a rental while he works on his latest movie.

“Does anyone in Huntsville, Ontario have a nice place I can rent to live in while I make a film,” the actor wrote on Twitter. “Airbnb took our money but now say they’ve given our house to someone else. (Why did they take the money, then ?)”

In true Canadian fashion, Ontarians were quick to offer up their cottages and lakes houses for Cleese to stay at while he completed his filming.

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Some Ontarians even sent the stranded actor photos of their houses or the lake views he could enjoy if he chose to stay there.

In a reply to Cleese’s tweet, Airbnb apologized and requested a direct message from the actor with more information about the situation.

Following the incident, a spokesperson from Airbnb told STOREYS the company has been able to identify the reservation attempt and confirmed that there was a slight misunderstanding and they’ve since been in touch with Mr. Cleese’s team to clarify.

“We are truly honoured that a legend such as Mr. Cleese would be interested in booking an Airbnb listing. As it relates to this reservation, Mr. Cleese’s team requested to book a home through Airbnb, but the reservation was never actually accepted by the Host," said Airbnb in a statement.

"When this occurs, Airbnb automatically refunds the initial charges. We’ve been in touch with his team throughout the day to provide our support and help clarify the situation, in addition to a coupon for their next booking due to this inconvenience. Wherever he stays, we hope Mr. Cleese and his team have an incredible experience in the beautiful Muskoka region.”

Cleese later tweeted his thanks for the “helpful suggestions” and said he’d be following up.

Although the actor didn’t confirm which movie he will be working on, there are reports that it's likely Cut the Painter, which, according to IMDB, is about a reclusive writer named Harry (played by Cleese) who retires in a small Canadian town. The movie is in pre-production and is expected to come out in 2022.