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Name: Jay Richardson
Brokerage: Royal LePage Lakes of Muskoka
Personal Channels: Website | Instagram | LinkedIn
Years of Experience: 20
Areas of focus: Lake of Bays, Huntsville, north Muskoka


Where did you grow up?


What neighbourhood do you live in now?

Huntsville, and I own the boutique real estate office in Dwight, Lake of Bays.

What made you want to become a real estate agent?

I have a degree in psychology. I’ve always been interested in people — I love working with people.

What’s the biggest challenge you see facing the market today?

That cottage prices are dropping, due to a rush of "COVID" purchases being sold. This has created a false narrative among buyers.

What’s the single best advice you have for sellers?

Ensure their property is impeccably presented.

What’s the single best advice you have for buyers?

Research and understand the local market conditions; partner with a knowledgeable real estate agent who specializes in the area.

What’s the best thing a realtor can invest in for their brand (a bus bench ad, a solid Instagram strategy, etc.)?

High-quality, professional photography and videography.

Who do you look up to in the industry and why?

Barbara Corcoran — real estate powerhouse and influencer.

Is there anything you wish people knew or understood about realtors that you think they’re constantly getting wrong?

One of the biggest myths about realtors is that we don't work hard — or work smart — for our pay.

What are the three words you hope your clients use to describe you?

Knowledgeable. Dedicated,. Trustworthy.

What’s your favourite thing to do outside of selling houses?

Discover new shops, and relax with friends over dinner.

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