Before you post it on Facebook marketplace, you might want to take it back to IKEA.

The home furnishing giant recently launched its sell-back program across Canada.

The program lets customers return their gently used products back to the store in exchange for store credit. The used items are then resold or donated.

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"IKEA is transforming its business to become ever more accessible, affordable, and sustainable – having a positive impact on people and the planet," Brendan Seale, Head of Sustainability at IKEA Canada said in a statement. "The Sell-Back program offers a straight-forward solution to our customers who have finished with an IKEA product, helping them to capture some value for it, but also to maximize the value of the product by giving it another life."

IKEA is on a mission to support a "circular economy" by 2030. Circular economies maximize the value of their products by incentivizing returns, repairing products and recirculating goods.

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The sell-back program is available to all IKEA family members. IKEA family is a free membership program you can sign up for online.

Once you're registered, you simply go to the sell-back section of the IKEA family site and send in four images of the item you wish to sell back. Within 72 hours you will receive an assessment from the store confirming whether or not IKEA will take the item back. If accepted, you can drop off and receive credit for the item in-store.

Sell-backs must be completed within 30 days of confirmation.

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According to the company, the most frequently sold-back items are chairs, stools, dressers and bookcases.

So long as the products are gently used and fully-assembled, IKEA will also accept cabinets, multimedia pieces, desks and small tables.