In a video aptly titled “My Mom’s House,” GTA realtor Arty Basinski showcases his mother’s spacious, freshly listed four-bedroom Caledon house. 

In this video, however, the star of the show isn’t the $2M home (though it’s nice); it’s a handful of singing Muppet-like puppets. And the video will leave viewers with a catchy tune in their heads (and, subsequently, the home too) for hours. 

The video opens like a typical drone-shot real estate listing video. But it quickly takes an amusing and entertaining twist when the over-the-top puppets pop up out of nowhere, singing about the home and offering their commentary about its features (everything from its crown moldings to finished basement).

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This isn’t the first time Basinski, a realtor with Real Estate By Bike, has thought (way) outside of the box for listing videos. It all started in 2019 with ‘Lil Yellow House,’ says Basinski. “My client is a singer; I pitched the idea to make a music video and she loved the idea, so and we collaborated on a 'rap' video about her house,” he explains. “By no means am I a rapper, but in today’s mainstream rap standards, very much so….[laughs}.”

When it came time for his mom to list her home, Basinski jumped at the chance to create another unique video to get people talking (and singing along).

While Basinski wrote the song and did some puppeteering, the video quickly became a team effort. 

“I sourced the two main puppets from my friend Morgan Joy from DramaWay, and the fox from Red Pepper Spectacle Arts,” he says. “Dan Guiry sang the song; Matthew Krist and his toddler daughter Sophia did the puppeteering; and Fred Yurichuk shot the drone footage.” Basinski’s mom, Nela Basinski-Clark, even makes an appearance, showing up in the living room playing the synthesizer. 

While Basinski is a realtor, he’s also made music for decades and is passionate about diving further into the world of video creation. “I wanted to work on a series of videos called 'Homes of the Weird and Wonderful,'” he says. “I made one video but would like to continue a few more this year and work with a production company on it.”

As for Basinski’s mom’s home, it’s still on the market, according to the GTA realtor.

“We had an offer that just didn't meet the mark, and have someone that verbally confirmed they will put an offer end of the week once they get their finances sorted overseas,” says Basinski. “So there still a chance this beauty can be yours!”

In the meantime, those in the market for some fun entertainment instead can check out some of Basinski’s other videos. “My favourite one was called '84 Eddy,' a daft punk inspired video,” says Basinski. “And another video I did for random fun was called Real Estate By Roller Skate.” 

(Oh, and good luck getting “My Mom’s House” out of your head…”It should be you, it should be you, should be you…”). 

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