Those relying on taking the GO Train along the Lakeshore West line Tuesday morning should prepare for disruptions, as service is delayed up to 60 minutes due to a signal issue.

Just before 8:30 am, GO Transit said it was “making progress with the signals” however trains are still delayed up to an hour.

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The problems were first reported Tuesday morning just after 7 am due to a signal issue west of Aldershot GO station. Shortly after, the regional transit agency said riders should prepare for possible service cancellations and adjustments.

"We are working hard to resolve the issue as quickly as possible," said the transit agency on Twitter.

A spokesperson for Metrolinx said that the CN Railway track signal issue near Aldershot GO Station could impact trains using the same rail. The signal issue is impacting eastbound service and that delays of up to 60 minutes are possible.

There is also a technical glitch with the departure boards at Union Station in Toronto.