When the sky's the limit money-wise, a stunning ranch in BC with nothing but breathtaking scenic views (and a few dozen luxury amenities) may sound like the perfect next purchase.

Four Hearts Ranch, tucked away in 100 Mile House, British Columbia, recently hit the market with the lofty asking price of $23.8M. But even with a price tag as high as this one is, the property is seemingly worth every penny.

It's a sprawling 5,925-acre ranch with vistas of rolling hills, lush pastures, and lake views at every turn. And with everything from moose, to bears, to fish, to wolves calling this property home, there would be no shortage of wildlife spottings.

But of course nature isn't the only draw. The property has a grand total of eight houses, including an impressive 10,000-sq.-ft main house, as well as a number of other buildings like the airplane hangar, riding stables, and 1,800-sq.-ft vehicle garage.

The main house with its seven bedrooms and endless space, has just about everything you could want in a luxury ranch retreat. There are floor-to-ceiling windows to take in the views, cozy log cabin-inspired walls and ceilings, and a rustic stone fireplace to sit by. It also comes with a 100-inch Panasonic television recessed into the wall, two fridges, freezers, and dishwashers, and a geothermal heating system.


The main house sits atop a hill overlooking Straight Lake -- one of the four lakes on the property. And of course with this much water around, there are also boating facilities onsite, including a boat ramp and dock. There's even a 4,000 sq.-ft-lake house over by one of the lakes with immediate access to the 95-ft dock. Next to it is another one of the property's buildings, which the listing describes as a "quintessential little log cabin complete with its own wood stove."

For any horse enthusiasts, the property's equestrian centre is dream. There are stables with 10 stalls, a kitchen, and bathroom, a round pen, an indoor riding arena, a hay barn, a mechanical shop, and even staff amenities. And the ranch's forests, wetlands, and grasslands would make for amazing trail rides. The current herd of five Morgan horses and 37 cattle could be included in the sale, according to the listing.

A near-$24M ranch may not be in everyone's budget, but it's hard to argue that this wouldn't be an amazing place to own.


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