In keeping with the housing market slowdown and growing trend of terminated listings ending up back on the market just days later, Doug Ford's Princess Anne Manor home was re-listed yesterday for $400,000 less than the initial ask of $3.2M.


  • Address: 6 Tettenhall Road
  • Bedrooms: 6
  • Bathrooms: 4
  • Price: 2,800,888
  • Listed by: Monica Thapar, The Monica Thapar Team

The property first hit the market earlier this month. Even considering the fact that the home is Ford's, it has generated an unusual level of buzz. This is thanks to his real estate agent, Monica Thapar, who distributed egregious flyers featuring photos of Ford, his wife Karla, and their home around Toronto in June. The not-subtle-at-all flyers also included the following text: "Moving Ontario! We JUST LISTED Premier Doug Ford’s home in Princess Anne Manor."

Mind you, these flyers were distributed before the home was officially on the market.

As these things tend to, the flyers rapidly circulated on social media. In addition, Thapar reportedly sent out some more kitsch-filled meme material in a marketing email, this time depicting a cartoon version of herself wearing a t-shirt saying "Agent to the Premier!"

In response, Ford’s office told STOREYS in June that "the Premier did not authorize the ad and has instructed the real estate agent to remove it immediately." 

Although the legalities of Thapar's marketing ploys were shaky at best -- her lack of discretion could have been upon by the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) -- it's hard to argue that they weren't effective. If you didn't know that Ford's home was on the market before the flyers exploded on social media, you certainly did after. But even with more eyeballs on the listing, the home has failed to sell.

The re-listing syncs up withRBC's recent warning of a historic housing correction in Canada. In a report released last week, RBC predicted 23% drop in home sales this year and a 15% drop in 2023. If the predicted drops play out, it will be the most drastic housing correction in the last five national downturns.

With a steep market downturn quite possibly on the horizon, re-listing Ford's home to sell makes sense, but we can only speculate about the reasons behind re-list and price reduction. STOREYS reached out to Thapar for comment, but she didn't respond by the time of publication.

As for the reasoning behind selling the home in the first place, Ford told the Toronto Star that he's moving on because his children are getting older and he and his wife will soon be empty-nesters. He also expressed plans to move into his late mother's house, located nearby.

Moreover, the Princess Anne Manor home has been on the receiving end of a series of unfortunate mishaps over the years, including one incident involving a man with a butcher knife slashing tires in the neighbourhood and an anti-vaccine protest -- both in 2021.

In any case, if you have roughly $2.8M laying around, the opportunity to swim where Ontario's premier once did is yours for the taking. Not too shabby!