“If you think that the cleanup charge is high on that, wait until you see what it's going to cost to clean up once he's left office,” said one Reddit user about the recent news that Doug Ford’s old cottage has been listed on Airbnb.

The 4.78 star, four-bedroom, two-bathroom cottage on Fawn Lake is being listed by Ford’s daughter Kayla Ford and her husband, police officer Mohammed Hadi.

It’s a standard cottage rental, providing up to eight guests with access to a BBQ, a firepit, and non-motorized watercrafts like kayaks and canoes. With a “newly renovated” interior, it’s polished and clean, but it doesn’t boast any premium amenities one would come to expect given the rental’s $750-a-night price tag (plus a $250 cleaning fee), such as a sauna, hot tub, or motorboat. And that’s the off season price, as the rental is currently booked up until September.

Similar nearby listings start as low as $450 or $530 a night with even some of the larger and more luxurious listings — ones with perks like hot tubs and cedar saunas — asking for only around $600 a night during the same time period.

For some, the arguably hefty price has struck a nerve given the Ford Family's political presence in Ontario.

“See your tax dollars at work and pay for Doug's new hot tub at his other cottage,” said one Reddit user. “I would like to bury dead fish under all the floorboards and the crawl space,” said another, especially irked, user.

Others chirped the cottage for having the “charm of a hospital cafeteria,” and, of course, there were many quips involving fecal matter that we won’t get into.


A number of commenters grieved the awkward truth that Ontario’s MP is making big bucks on a rental property during a housing crisis — a truth only exacerbated by the fact that the Ford Family has built a bigger and better cottage directly across from the one now being rented out.

Nonetheless, the Airbnb listing itself has garnered 73 overwhelmingly positive reviews, with only two airing grievances about “really really small” bedrooms, “outright dangerous” bunk beds, and a disconnected smoke detector, among other things.

Without further ado, welcome to Doug Ford’s old family cottage, folks.






Photos via Airbnb

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