The Bro lives. And the Bro lives well. This condo in downtown Halifax proves it... and then some.

As far as we're concerned, going full Bro is never the right move, but this 1,300 sq. ft. pad has no time for the opinion of others; it lives in the centre of the Bro-verse and its walls are an echo chamber that reverberate Bro-dom to all who may enter.

Behold, the mini-fridge located five-feet from the regular fridge:

1504 1465 brenton street 4 1024x676The bro mini-fridge is the only place in the universe Coke and Pepsi are allowed to co-exist without mutually exploding

The Bro knows drinks only come in two forms: bottles or cans.

Another great aspect of the condo is that it never lets the Bro forget who he is, where he is, or what he's supposed to think or do in any given situation. For instance, taking a shower? No problem, that comes with instructions:

1504 1465 brenton street 1

Someone coming to the door? No problem, this friendly reminder will never let the Bro forget how to greet them:


Of course, being familiar with local geography and having a general lexicon of local hot spots is always good for the Bro's conversation, so why not put them right on the wall so the Bro never forgets where he is or where he comes from:


What? Oh, you don't have a giant punching bag directly behind your workspace? You're obviously not punching above your weight in those Zoom calls. Focus up.

Speaking of focus, you know who doesn't need to? Rebels, that's who:

1504 1465 brenton street 7 1024x617

Of course, the most rebellious thing about this condo is that even with no clear separation between the bedroom and the rest of the space, it still refers to itself as a one-bedroom.


All joking aside, this apartment is pretty fantastic -- Bro or no Bro. It offers "panoramic views of Spring Garden Road, Citadel Hill and Halifax Harbour," three of the best views you'll find in the East Coast city. And beyond what you'll be looking at outside the condo walls, inside them you'll find a walk-in steam shower, automatic window coverings, and voice activated music and light controls. The building itself offers a concierge, rooftop garden, fitness space, and sauna to boot.

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Not to mention the very idea of having a 'one-bedroom' that tops out at more than 1,300 sq. ft. is the stuff of big city dreams.

So, Bro or not, if you're looking for a hot-spot to call your own in downtown Hali, this might the penthouse of your dreams (with just a slight redesign required).


broThe bro loves a good cook sesh

broYou can't hang with the bro's culinary skills


broWhere - as the bro says - the magic happens

broThe bro keeps a stuffed animal to showoff his sensitive side


broAct fast and you could sit at that one lonely stool everyday from now on

1504 1465 brenton street 14 1024x682


1504 1465 brenton street 9 1024x695If you can't eat and speed-bag at the same time, are you even a bro?