Calgary, Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto, Quebec City and Montreal are some of the best cities in the world for finding a job.

new report, compiled by German moving company Movinga, looked at employment statistics for OEDC countries comparing economic strength, the inclusion of women, youth and expats, and the standard of living within each city to determine which city was the best for job seekers.

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The study also looked at micro factors including gender wage gap, immigration levels, new business registrations and government effectiveness to give each city a score. The higher the score, the better the city ranks.

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Out of the 100 cities on the list, Calgary, Vancouver, Ottawa and Toronto made the top 50. And, with an overall score of 6.79 out of 10, Calgary secured the list's coveted third spot.

Calgary's top category was in the opportunity for women category. In that category, they scored 7.97 out of 10—a number shared with all the other Canadian cities on the list. Their lowest score was in economic strength where they received a 6.01 out of 10.

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Toronto barely made the top 50 cut. Sneaking in at number 48, the city's total score was 6.01. Their lowest score (4.86) fall in the economic strength category.

"Although some cities offer great opportunities for men, the wage gap and opportunity for female career advancement can be vastly different than other countries," Finn Age Hänsel, Managing Director at Movinga said in a statement. "With these considerations in mind, we hope that this study offers a holistic view of these locations and helps job seekers to make an informed decision about their next career move.”

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