In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) innovations have started to impact the real estate industry. There has been a lot of hype, many stop-and-starts, and several companies that have attempted to launch different VR/AR headset hardware over the years – but none of them gained the traction to really take off.

Enter: Apple Vision Pro. The first AR consumer technology backed by a tech giant, primed to enter the PropTech space with the potential to forever transform the sales process. There is a legitimate buzz around the headset, as it is backed by a company known for their attention to detail, execution on product development, and strong support from the software developer community to create great apps and content.

Essentially, Apple Vision Pro has the ability to blend digital content, seamlessly, with a physical environment, creating a visually stunning and incredibly interactive experience. Imagine putting on a headset and stepping into a virtual property. Experiencing the space as if you were physically there – observing the layout, walking around rooms, and even trying out the different finishes available. Picture the overlaying property prices, architectural details, and even the option to stroll around the neighbourhood.

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When it comes to the sales process, there are endless ways this technology brings enhancement. For developers, the technology will create new marketing opportunities, help streamline their sales approach, and elevate their engagement with prospective buyers. For buyers, this technology would create an immersive experience that could aid in making more informed decisions about their new home or investment.

Pre-Construction Sales

With an infinite canvas and the ability to scale, developers can leverage Apple Vision Pro technology to provide prospective buyers with an interactive experience that goes far beyond traditional renderings or physical models.

The development could be set up as a virtual environment, where one explores the plans, looks around the neighbourhood, walks around different floor plans, and assesses the finishes, all inviting more informed purchasing decisions before construction. Armed with this understanding of the layout, design, and style, buyers can truly envision their future homes and reduce the uncertainty that can come with purchasing pre-construction. This, in-turn, would help developers market their projects more effectively (not to mention secure their pre-sales more efficiently.)

Immersive Experiences

This new device could also help streamline processes for realtors who, traditionally, have had to bring buyers to multiple properties across various locations. Harnessing the power of Apple Vision Pro technology, realtors could provide an immersive experience that allows buyers to explore multiple properties remotely. By donning a headset paired with the app, buyers can walk through 3D representations of homes, experiencing layouts, furniture placements, and tiny-but-mighty details. This would save time and effort, while broadening the scope of which homes are accessible for prospective buyers to view. What’s more, this optimization of resources would translate into cost savings for real estate agencies at large.

Customization And Collaboration

Apple Vision Pro will have the ability to facilitate collaborative decision-making, using tools developed to engage in the virtual environment. In this virtual environment, buyers can modify aspects of the home, such as colours, flooring, finishes, and fixtures. They can see these changes in real time, allowing them to personalize their new property to their taste. Further, buyers could work with the designer for their home or condo, visualizing the details of design changes and furniture placement within the physical space. This level of customization will empower buyers, ultimately leading to higher satisfaction and increased sales.

Apple Vision Pro is still in its early stages, and we have yet to see the applications that will be developed for consumer use. What we do know is, with a company like Apple rolling it out – and its expected extensive app ecosystem to pair – this device has the potential to revolutionize the traditional process of buying and selling real estate, making it more immersive, efficient, and convenient. As the market continues to embrace new technologies, and as these technologies continue to become more accessible, leveraging innovative products like Apple Vision Pro will undoubtedly become a competitive advantage in the homebuilding industry.

This article was produced in partnership with STOREYS Custom Studio.