In a quiet neighbourhood in Forest Hill, Cedarvale Terrace long-term care home has been standing since 1973. There’s a Loblaws around the corner, private and public schools down the street, and St. Clair West subway station is just a 20-minute walk away. Arguably, it’s the perfect spot for an apartment complex.

In August, an application was submitted to the City of Toronto on behalf of Stafford Walmer Inc. proposing to replace Cedarvale Terrance -- situated at 429 Walmer Road -- with a mixed-use tower. The proposed building would encompass 19 storeys with an overall height of 68.4 metres. Most of the 18,450-sq.-m interior would be dedicated to residential units and eight storeys would be used for commercial purposes.

For the residential portion, a total of 87 residential units are proposed. The units would be a mix of 28 one-bedroom units, 37 two-bedroom units, and 22 three-bedroom units. Underground parking with the capacity for 139 vehicles and 98 bicycles would also be contained on the site.

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If approved, the design of the development will be head by Canadian architecture, engineering, planning, and technology firm IBI Group.

Aesthetically, the building would be unique. Unlike other properties in the area, the proposed tower would have soft corners accessorized with decorative planters. The Walmer Road frontage, which will be dedicated to retail, will be outfitted in pre-cast limestone and glass.

St. Clair West

In addition, Stafford Walmer’s proposal includes plans to improve the sidewalk along Walmer Road. It also contemplates the addition of five new trees and decorative landscaping surrounding the proposed building. According to the Planning Rationale submitted to the City, the proposed tower stands to optimize the currently under-utilized site while adding new housing to the downtown core.

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Although the application to redevelop 429 Walmer Road is currently under review, it assures that residents will not be uprooted from the building until the original lease is up and the residents of the long-term care home have been transitioned elsewhere.

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