Emily May

When looking to sell your house, theories abound as to when best to put it on the market.

Some agents swear by a springtime showing, when the garden is in bloom and sunlight pours through the windows.

Others look to September, when the family is already in adjustment mode…new school year, new school friends…how about a completely new school and neighbourhood, son?

I have a different theory.

Now, bear in mind that I’m not a real estate agent… but I think Halloween night is the perfect time to try to sell your house. (Perhaps that’s why I’m not a real estate agent).

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Hear me out…

1. Purposeful Neglect

Cleaning and staging for an open house is a stressful venture. So why bother, when you can simply pretend that you’re in Halloween mode? Those cobwebs on the walls…intentional.  The flickering porch light, and that cree-eeepy overgrown garden? You’re just a fun neighbour.

2. The Importance Of Crowd Size

Nothing makes a human want to buy a house more than the possibility that other humans want to buy the same house.  It’s human nature. So even if those humans are children, and even if they are dressed in a manner unbefitting a potential homebuyer, a bunch of bodies clamouring to get to your front door can only help to gin up interest.

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3. Sounds Good To Me

Pssst. Do your floorboards creak, too? My bathroom pipes wail and moan like they’ve just lost a loved one. But that matters not on All Hallow’s Eve.  All that your buyers will hear is holiday spirit. And all that you will hear is the sweet sound of a bidding war.

4. Scare Tactics

Everything’s a little freaky on Halloween. Kids have moustaches. Strangers peddle candy. Rogue bands of teenagers smash helpless pumpkins. So really, what’s so scary about pricing your house a couple of hundred thousand dollars above market value?

5. It’s Been A Real Treat

Lastly, and most importantly, nothing sweetens a real estate deal like a quick closing date and a couple packs of Starburst.