If you've ever thought that it'd be cool to live in your own house by the water, near a lighthouse, this home on British Columbia's Bowen Island is probably going to just reinforce that thought.

It's located at 1840 Lighthouse Lane at Cape Roger Curtis, in the southwest corner of Bowen Island, and is a short five-minute walk away from the beach, where you can see the often-photographed lighthouse.


  • Address: 1840 Lighthouse Lane
  • Floors: 3
  • Bedrooms: 8
  • Bathrooms: 8
  • Price: $18,600,000
  • Listed By: Jason Soprovich, Rennie

The house itself appears to have been influenced a bit by its nautical surroundings, as it has a uniquely-curved roof shaped like a rollercoaster -- or wave -- with glass panels going along the entire width of the house, like the lookout room of a lighthouse.

The home was built in 2021, by renowned architect Paul Grant, and consists of 11,122 sq. ft of space, across eight bedrooms and eight bathrooms on three storeys.

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Inside, you'll find a generous living and lounge area that directly merges into the kitchen, with large windows on one wall and the other opening directly into the patio.

The lower floor includes an entertainment area, as well as a glass wine cellar. The home has also been designed for sustainability, armed with solar power features and a rainwater recycling system.

Our Favourite Thing

All of the glass is something to behold. One might worry about privacy, but the property is surrounded by forest, and the glass walls certainly give you a better view than a concrete one would. It's the same feeling you get from being atop a lookout tower, with long sightlines in every direction.

It has a very modern mix of concrete, glass, and wood, with much of the latter serving as an accent along the ceilings. Overall, it's a home that feels modern and wouldn't be out of place even in West Vancouver, but take a step outside and you'll immediately be surrounded by the great outdoors. Take a few more steps, and you're down by the ocean.

Welcome To 1840 Lighthouse Lane

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