As the coronavirus continues to spread on both a global and local scale, the outbreak has impacted nearly every industry.

And while the virus hasn’t directly hit the housing market yet, the outbreak might still have an impact, as residents interested in renting, selling, or buying a home could take social distancing seriously enough to stop attending open houses and making listing visits.


In response, those in the real estate industry have started exploring the option of virtual tours.

NEEZO Studios, an internationally recognized digital studio that specializes in new home builders’ sales software, scale models, and architectural visualization tools, said amidst the outbreak that its LiveSiteTMsales software has become a fundamental tool to help builders make sales virtually.

Since the coronavirus outbreak, we’ve noticed a significant spike in inquires about our LiveSiteTM sales centre software,” says Lisa Reis, Director of Marketing & Client Success at NEEZO Studios. 

In the past, buying a new home meant going into a builder’s sales centre, viewing the floor plan wall displays, checking out the model suite, and then sitting down with a sales agent and proceeding to buy a home or condo.

But with LiveSiteTM virtual sales centre app, new home builders and developers can offer homebuyers the exact same user experience as being in the sales centre. 

Screen shot 2020 03 13 at 4 LiveSiteTM

The app allows users to see properties in 360º views, explore and compare floor plans in 2D or fully furnished in 3D, filter selections by unit size, geographic placement, and number of bedrooms, as well as match a selected home with a corresponding lot and preview their home directly on the 3D site plan.

Plus, users can observe a development from day-to-dusk, so they can assess sun/shadows, check out area amenities and how close they will be to their new home, and explore building amenities in cinematic, panoramic views.

“Usually, we get calls from builders across North America, who are interested in LiveSiteTM so they can virtually offer foreign buyers the same experience as local buyers--who walk into the sales centre," explained Reis.

"But, in a matter of weeks, the coronavirus has changed the world economy and how businesses connect with customers. As businesses prioritize the safety of their communities, many in-person events and gatherings have been cancelled indefinitely. This leaves consumers looking for ways to stay connected and still go about their daily lives.”

What do you think? As a potential buyer, would you consider purchasing a house sight unseen unvisited?