The TTC Subway Closures are not limited to the stations on Line 1 in Midtown this weekend, they're also affecting Line 2 through a delayed opening.

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These delayed openings are perhaps not as inconvenient as a full closure, and now that we have a few under our belts we can better prepare for them.

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We've gathered all the exact details, so you can go into Halloween weekend well-armed and ready to have as easy a commute as possible.

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A portion of Line 2 between St. George and Broadview stations will be closed until 12 p.m. this Sunday for maintenance on the Prince Edward (Bloor) Viaduct.

Shuttle buses will run between St. George and Broadview stations throughout the morning.

TTC subway closures

Sherbourne and Bay stations will be closed until 12 p.m. but all other stations will remain open for fare sales and transfers to surface routes.

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Wheel-Trans will be available upon request from any station.

This is the only scheduled delayed opening for the next few weeks; however, the routine will get thrown through another loop when we begin with early closures in November.

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The TTC ... always keeping us on our toes.