Many riders were left stranded on subway platforms during the Thursday morning commute as TTC crews responded to a series of emergency alarms.

During the morning rush, the TTC announced Line 1 Yonge-University trains going southbound from Dupont, then southbound from Dundas, and finally northbound from Davisville would be held as crews responded to an emergency alarm and a medical emergency, all within an hour.

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And while regular has since service resumed, the disruptions, regardless of how brief, caused major headaches for commuters this morning.

Photos shared on social media show dangerous overcrowding on subway platforms, a scene that can make anyone feel claustrophobic.

One frustrated commuter said he was passed by four full buses at Broadview station this morning, and then when service resumed he had to wait even longer as trains were full and unable to pick up more riders.

Another commuter called this morning's scene "very unsafe."

Here's to hoping that the rest of the day runs smoothly on the TTC.