This article was written and submitted by Samson Fung, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Tridel.

It feels like 2013 again.

The same fervour. The same drive to deliver. The same creative buzz that permeated the offices of Tridel when they worked with Hines to build the lakefront condos at Bayside Development, a decade ago.

Tridel is set to redefine the waterfront yet again as they bring Harbourwalk to the shores of Mississauga. And that familiar feeling of anticipation is a welcome one.

Street view of HarbourwalkHarbourwalk via Tridel

Helping to shape the city’s edge is a privilege, no doubt. But it is also a great responsibility. Tridel has the expertise to deliver complex projects and they’ve always strived to do what is best for the larger community. As a result, Tridel enjoys a reputation not just as dependable builders but as good corporate citizens.

It's that very reputation that helped them to forge a relationship with The Hines Organization back in 2013. The development team at Hines had been awarded the 13-acre East Bayfront land that was to help birth Toronto’s waterfront development. And together with Hines as master developer, Tridel was tasked with delivering a design for the four condo towers that matched its esteemed location.

But the Tridel team wanted to do more than just put up another building. Having won Green Builder of the Year many times over (and for the fourteenth time this year), sustainability has long been a part of Tridel’s corporate ethos. The opportunity to build consciously, through innovation and an understanding of the larger community, was integral to their work on the waterfront.

And Bayside’s prominent place on the city’s shoreline impelled Hines and Tridel to aim for architectural and design excellence. To that end, the team launched an international design competition, in search of a vision that would seamlessly integrate the shoreline with the build, maximizing views and intuitive accessibility to the water. The competition inspired some amazing schools of thought; and while the winning design for the first two towers came from Arquitectonica in the US, and Copenhagen’s 3XN won for the third and fourth tower’s design, the contest helped drive local artists to push their design ideas in new and exciting ways that will continue to serve the city’s building future.

A competition of this sort certainly takes more time and effort in the development stages, but it helps to get the best product. And that was paramount when work began on Harbourwalk. With Argo Developments as developer and Tridel as builder, the team launched a contest for Harbourwalk as well, and the winning design was not only innovative but a logical next step in the foundation laid at Bayside.

Harbourwalk's cascading patios from above, overlooking Lake Ontario and lush treelinesHarbourwalk via Tridel

It was evident that that the most popular suite offerings were the larger ones, with expansive terrace living. So, with each phase of development at Bayside, Hines and Tridel added more and more of these types of suites -- doubling down on resident’s connection to the water and learning how to build effectively in this manner. Now, with the Harbourwalk rollout, that novel architectural approach is the norm, with every one of Harbourwalk’s south-facing terrace suites sold. And with Harbourwalk’s cascading terraces and stepbacks, the architectural appeal can be appreciated from every angle.

Crisp and sunny balcony view from HarbourwalkTridel

Harbourwalk will be the first building in Mississauga’s 177-acre Lakeview Village development. So Tridel is, once again, at the birth of a new waterfront community.

Building in these high-profile locations is a delicate task, but Tridel is poised and ready to meet the challenge. They take the responsibility seriously, and with 89 years of building experience and expertise behind them, they will surely deliver on what they promise for Mississauga’s waterfront.

And that feels great.

This article was produced in partnership with STOREYS Custom Studio.