The market is chilling along with the weather, as demand slows for all types of MLS listings in Toronto.

The recovery in the detached house segment cooled somewhat, posting a -5 per cent dip from 2017, and plunging a full -37 per cent from the same week in July. Meanwhile, sales of the semi-detached home variety fell by -27 per cent and -44 per cent, respectively.

The decline was most acute for condo townhouses, which saw sales fall by -50 per cent year over year, and 57 per cent from last month. Sales for condo units also continue to soften, down -25 per cent and -35 per cent.

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, buyers and sellers tend to put a freeze on their market ambitions, and either wait for the New Year market or hold out until spring, which means slower activity will likely be a reality for the remainder of 2018.

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