June is shaping up to be a sluggish month for Toronto real estate sales compared to the same time in May, with slower activity across all home types.

While typical for this time of year – buyers and sellers tend to put their real estate plans on hold as summer vacations beckon — coupled with the lingering market correction, this could signal the usually busiest spring season has been truncated.

However, the year-over-year picture continues to improve as we can now compare post-Fair Housing Plan conditions like for like, rather than pitting this year’s numbers against peak conditions last spring.

Compared to this week in 2017, sales have improved for most home types, and especially for detached homes, up 10 per cent.

That’s followed by semi-detached homes at nine per cent and townhouses up four per cent.

Condos for sale in Toronto, however, continue to slide, softening -9 per cent.

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