From cozy scarves to apple pie to pumpkin spice-flavoured everything, there are countless reasons to embrace autumn with a gigantic hygge hug. But the most exciting aspect of the season just might be the stunning leaf colours that appear all across the city. 

While September was the month to plan ahead by mapping out all the places to spot fall foliage across Toronto, October is the time to ogle at the seasonal transition as it happens. And, as Toronto is a city of neighbourhoods, what better excuse is there to make the most of the beautiful things happening in yours?

Especially when those happenings are short-lived as fall foliage.

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For those who need a little encouragement to explore local parks and tree-lined streets, many outdoorspersons have taken to social media to share their photos of Mother Nature's red, orange, and yellow works of art. Based on our previously-released guide on where to watch the leaves change colour this season, we've gathered up social media's most incredible shots, area-by-area, that spotlight the stunning colours taking over Toronto's seasonal stage.

To begin, the below photo collection spotlights the Don Valley in all its autumnal glory. For those who live in this pocket of the city: count your blessings... and then grab your coat, because you've got some sights to take in.

(Just remember, as you head out into the world, to adhere to COVID-19 health and safety measures like physical distancing and frequent handwashing. And if you are sick, please stay home).