Five days after Hamas launched terrorist attacks on Israel, Jordan Teperman began reaching out to fellow Toronto-area developers in the hopes of helping those on the ground.

Less than 24 hours later, more than 50 leaders from the real estate and construction industries have launched the City Builder’s Emergency Appeal to Support Israel.

Alongside Teperman, who is Executive Vice President of HAVEN Developments, the collective includes the likes of Noah Rechtsman Executive Vice President of Hullmark, Daniel Winberg, Chief Operating Officer of Rockport Group, Brian Brown, Principle of Lifetime Developments, Derek Frankfort, Home Lumber and Alpa Lumber Group, and Jordan Pearl, The Pearl Group.

Harbour Equity's Josh Lerner, Andrew Salomon of Hi-Rise Group, and Great Gulf’s Shael Rosenbaum have signed on, too.

Teperman tells STOREYS the group is aiming to raise $1M through the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto.

The funds will be distributed by the UJA and used to purchase supplies for Israeli soldiers and emergency first responders, as well as civilians fleeing the conflict — “Whatever they need.” Donations will be directed to Eilat and Sderot, two of the hardest-hit areas.

"It’s been a tough week, but we’re working together and we have some of the biggest names in the city, both Jewish and non-Jewish, all different faiths and backgrounds, and we’re all working together towards one common goal," Teperman told STOREYS.

It’s been a tough week on a global scale, but personally for Teperman, too; when the terrorist attacks began on October 7, his grandmother was in Israel. She’s been able to safely return to Canada, but was trapped for several days in the country.

"As a developer, we’re all fighting about land and sites all day. That’s what happens here. But it’s not personal, and it has nothing to do with anyone’s race, ethnicity, or beliefs. We truly believe in equality and the right to coexist with others who are of different faiths and backgrounds," Teperman said.

"For me, equality is an important factor. I was very bothered by what I was seeing, and I called up others who were bothered and share the same passions — real estate, construction — and I said, 'Let’s work towards helping something'’ We’re building cities and we’re building communities, and more importantly, we’re building solidarity."

Donations to the City Builder’s Emergency Appeal to Support Israel can be made online through the UJA.

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