You can thank Toronto’s unpredictable spring weather for postponing cherry blossom season.

High Park Nature Centre and Sakura in High Park both previously predicted the city’s cherry blossoms would reach peak bloom between May 2 and May 8. While it’s true that some of the blossoms have opened as expected, the majority have stayed hidden thanks to the rainfall last week.

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Sakura in High Park now reports that peak bloom which is when 70 per cent of the blossoms open will take place between May 10 and 15. Of course, that’s only if there are no sudden temperature drops or unexpected rain storms occur within the next few days.

Torontonians are already giddy at the sight of newly bloomed sakura and have taken to social media to share their excitement.

Although High Park is known as a hot spot for sakura sightings, it isn’t the only place in the city where you can snap a photo of the blossoms. There’s a total of 15 cherry blossom locations in the city, including Trinity Bellwoods Park, Woodbine Park, and the University of Toronto’s John P. Robarts Research Library.

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2019 marks the 60th anniversary of cherry blossoms in Toronto, so you can expect the trees to bring big crowds this year. However, if you’re planning on heading to High Park, note that the City of Toronto has put a vehicle ban in place to protect pedestrians and ease congestion.