A downtown street named after the city's World Series Blue Jays in the 90s may undergo a partial name change.

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A report presented to Toronto and East York community council recommends changing the portion of Blue Jays Way between Spadina Avenue and Navy Wharf Court to CityPlace Way to make it easier to assign addresses to new residential condo towers.

According to the report, a developer requested the name change as there are now no available addresses on Blue Jays Way west of Navy Wharf Court to accommodate new towers.

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The renaming would allow for a "distinct and plausible address" for the surrounding CityPlace development, reads the report, which was prepared by Mika Raisanen, the director of engineering and construction services.

"Since construction in 2000, CityPlace has now been built into an all-encompassing community. It is a very urban downtown lifestyle and everything is accessible from here, thus the name CityPlace," the report states.

"We believe the name CityPlace Way complements the historical nature of the neighbourhood, the proposed residential development and its existing high profile neighbours and national tourist attractions such as the Rogers Centre, the Scotia Bank Arena, and the CN Tower."

According to the report, the selected name of CityPlace Way meets the city’s Street Naming Policy, including the street naming/renaming criteria as per Section 3.2, as it portrays a strong positive image and has a historical and community significance.

The only cost associated with this change would be approximately $500 to install street name signage, according to the report, and this funding is already included in the Transportation Services Division Operating Budget.

Screen shot 2020 02 06 at 10 The portion between Spadina and Navy Wharf Court could see a name change

The report will go before city council on March 12.