The old saying 'when the cat's away, the mice will play' definitely rings true in Toronto right now, although the saying could be more aptly rephrased as 'when the humans are away, the wild animals will play.'

As Toronto residents are forced to spend most of their time indoors in an effort to curb the spread of coronavirus, wild animals are taking back the city's streets, with groups of animals including foxes, deer, coyotes, and unique birds starting to come out of hiding to explore.

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Naturally, residents have turned to social media to post their urban wildlife encounters, with sightings taking place in neighbourhoods, along trails, and in usually bustling areas in the city, such as the harbourfront and the Beaches, as human activity has come to a halt.

It turns out you don't need to visit the Toronto Zoo (which is currently looking for donations to help take care of its animals, by the way) to get your daily dose of wildlife — just head outside and keep your eyes peeled, while practicing proper physical distancing, of course.

In honour of Earth Day, we rounded up some pretty incredible shots of animals reclaiming their land in Toronto. Enjoy.

Cute fox spotter at Baldwin Street from r/toronto

The wildlife are returning to the city. Spotted at Yonge and Queens Quay. from r/toronto

Deer running along beach at Bluffers Park. from r/toronto

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