The official trailer for Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson's latest movie The Man From Toronto just dropped, and as the name might imply, large parts of it were filmed in and around the city.

Although plenty of movies and TV shows are filmed in Toronto, not all that many are actually set in the city, so when one finally is, it's pretty exciting. The general premise of the movie is as follows: Teddy, played by Kevin Hart, is a New York City screwup who heads to the woods for a stay at an Airbnb cabin. There, he gets mistaken for "The Man From Toronto" who just so happens to be one of the world's deadliest assassins.

Now, sure, the trailer might be riddled with people who can't pronounce Toronto properly (all but one of the actors hit the second "T" jarringly hard, including Harrelson himself who plays the actual Man From Toronto) and yes, the only skyline visible in the trailer is that of Miami, but it's also filled with a handful of extremely identifiable Toronto locations. Even the construction underneath the Gardiner Expressway makes an appearance, and you can't really get more Toronto than that.

The movie's cast and crew were spotted filming all around the GTA, so there are bound to be even more recognizable landmarks popping up on the big screen, but until then, here are all of the GTA locations you can spot in the The Man From Toronto trailer.

The Gardiner Underpass

Screen shot 2022 06 02 at 3

In what appears to be a chase scene, black Escalades are seen flying down Toronto's Lake Shore Boulevard underneath the Gardiner. Although the thought that anyone could get going that fast down Lake Shore amongst all of the backups of cars trying to get onto the highway is pure fantasy, when the camera pans by a few orange construction pylons and worksite fencing, it brings things very much back down to reality.

CBC Toronto Lobby

Screen shot 2022 06 02 at 4

It may be decked out in red banners, funky-coloured lights, and hanging sculptural art, making it hard to recognize, but the lobby of the CBC building on Front Street West is very much in the movie. From the trailer, the building seems to have been used as the headquarters for some kind of seedy operation that Hart's and Harrelson's characters get mixed up in.

Heart Lake Conservation Area

Screen shot 2022 06 03 at 9

Despite its name, much of the film was actually shot in Brampton, including at the Heart Lake Conservation Area. A piece of lake-front land was used as the setting for the Airbnb cabin, which, interestingly enough, was built temporarily just for the movie. Passersby at the time of filming reported seeing crews bringing in furniture and doing some landscaping to make the setting seem like authentic.

Milton's Main Street

Screen shot 2022 06 02 at 3

Milton was another big filming location for The Man From Toronto, and during a police chase seen shown in the trailer, a handful of cop cars can be seen speeding down Main Street East. They fly past places like St. Paul's church and the Grill Daddy restaurant, trying to -- assumedly -- catch the Man From Toronto.

The Ivy Arms Pub

Screen shot 2022 06 02 at 3

Milton got a lot of screen time in the trailer, with the parking lot being the Ivy Arms -- a local Irish pub -- being the site of a massive explosion that sends a car up in the air, and Hart and Harrelson running away from it. It's one of the more tense parts of the trailer but is also likely the most excitement Milton has seen in years.