A prominent district in Liberty Village that's currently home to restaurants, shops, and residential buildings could be demolished to make way for an even larger mixed-use complex.

This month, First Capital REIT submitted a Rezoning application to City Planners, seeking to redevelop an "underdeveloped" site in Liberty Village that encompasses 61 Hanna Avenue, 75 Hanna Avenue, and 120 Lynn Williams Street.

The project, which is aptly named Shops at King Liberty, would intensify the current site and deliver a mixed-use development that includes office, retail, and residential uses.  A new public park is also proposed to sit in the heart of Liberty Village, providing a focal point for the development and the entire community.

The proposed development site is situated on the south side of King Street West and north of Liberty Street. The lot is currently inhabited by a variety of mixed-use buildings, a Metro, Hunters Landing, Aroma, CIBC, LCBO, and a surface parking lot.

Shops at King Liberty

The proposal seeks to build three mixed-use towers -- which would house 850 residential units -- and would be located over two blocks. Block A, located at 75 Hanna Avenue, would contain two towers with heights of 29 and 34 storeys and be connected by a 4-storey office podium with retail at grade.

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Block B at 120 Lynn Williams Street would contain a 33-storey residential tower that would sit atop a 7-storey podium with retail at grade and on the second level.

The total non-residential gross floor area on the lot is 16,738 square metres, and the total residential gross floor area on the lot is 64,641 square metres, for a total gross floor area on the lot of 81,379 square metres.​

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According to the project's website, approximately 41% of the site area is devoted to public realm elements: a new public park; the Snooker Street Extension, the Promenade, and the Urban Plaza.

The proposed public park would span 12,100 sq ft and provide much-needed open space, improve the pedestrian experience of the area, and provide a new view of the adjacent heritage buildings.

Shops at King Liberty

A tree-lined promenade is also proposed, extending from the public park to the urban plaza at the East Liberty Street frontage. Lined with comfortable seating, tree planting buffers and pedestrian scale lighting, the promenade will provide a welcoming and safe connection from the future GO station to key destinations within the community.

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According to the developer, the current plaza at the corner of East Liberty Street and Lynn Williams Street will be preserved and enhanced with landscape elements including planting and street furniture to integrate this space with the rest of the site. The space will feature large canopy oak trees, sloping pollinator gardens, an amphitheatre, and upgraded paving.

Shops at King Liberty

Finally, the proposal also says the existing private street that extends east from Hanna Avenue to the edge of the development site in front of 75 Hanna Avenue will be dedicated as a public right of way. The Snooker Street extension will improve circulation through the site, supporting all modes and providing frontage for 75 Hanna Avenue and the new public park.

Given that the Rezoning application was just submitted to City planners, it will still be some time before this proposal moves forward. In the meantime, you can stay up-to-date on the project here.

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