It appears that Pharrell Williams' joint development with Westdale Properties and Reserve Properties to build a multi-tower purpose-built rental project called ‘Untitled’ in Midtown is one step closer to becoming a reality.

After the initial Site Plan Application (SPA) for the development -- which is proposed to rise at 100 Broadway Avenue -- was submitted to the City earlier this year, the developers submitted a revised application earlier this month.

The latest application includes several minor revisions and clarifications at the request of various City departments, and if approved, the developers would construct a mixed-use development containing residential, retail, and office space as well as a new public park with surrounding privately-owned, publicly-accessible open space (“POPS”).

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According to the application, this resubmission addresses the comments received from the City on the application submission made in August of this year.

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The bulk of the revisions pertain to the POPs, which is planned for the northeast corner of Broadway and Redpath, along with other public realm conditions. The project's planting plan has also been revised accordingly and now includes another layer of evergreen in addition to the previously-proposed two layers of perennials.

Other changes to the POPS include the addition of signage to identify the space, and less noticeable revisions like increasing soil volumes per tree to meet City requirements.

In addition to bringing the new public space to the neighbourhood, the list of revisions also confirms the inclusion of a $100,000 financial contribution towards the bike share program through a section 37 agreement approved by City Council.

43049 126718 POPS Area (Rendering submitted to the City of Toronto)

While none of the revisions alter the form or finishes of the proposed 21- and 33-storey condominium towers, there are now plans to include the presence of bird-friendly fritting for glazing on lower levels. (Pharrell like to keep his birders happy.)

Known for its design team, which consists of Pharrell and architects IBI Group as well as interior designers U31, when completed, the development will consist of three towers, including a 36-storey purpose-built residential rental building containing 412 units with 100 square metres of retail space at-grade proposed on the 100 Broadway Avenue portion.

Two residential towers standing at 33 and 21-storeys in height, connected by a 4 to 8-storey base building containing 741 residential units and 606 square metres of office space are also proposed on the 110-120 Broadway Avenue portion.

The site will have a combined total of 326 vehicular parking spaces and 1,154 bicycle parking spaces within two levels of shared underground parking.

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