It's tough out there in today's real estate market, and some realtors have taken to using a viral TikTok sound to accurately express everyone's pain.

The sound is that of 26-year-old Katey Bridges who, while trying to film a video of her new golf outfit, backed up into the corner of her bed frame, hitting her hip and letting out the now-viral, and painful-sounding, "ah." Everyone from average TikTok users to popular accounts like that of Michael Bublé or Broadway's Hamilton began using the sound in their videos.

A number of real estate professionals also got in on the trend, seeing it as the perfect way to display -- in a humorous way -- the trials and tribulations of dealing with the market right now.

One Bay Area realtor, Imran Karim, made a post duetting Bridge's video, acting as if he had just told her the sellers decided to go with another offer. The response was Bridge's painful yelp.

#duet with @kateylorrell We feel your pain! #realtor #realestate #foryou

On the flip side, Alabama-based mortgage broker Aaron Jensen used the sound to describe sellers' frustrations.

“Sellers are ridiculous in this market,” Jensen said in the video. “Every time they don’t get an offer above asking price, they go:” -- Bridge's "ah" plays -- “every single time.”


#duet with @kateylorrell it’s ridiculous… #realestate #homebuyer #millennial #mortgage #realtor #housingmarket

In another video, realtor Dylan Ford simply says, "When you waited too long to buy and now the house you want is out of your budget," followed by Bridge's sound.

Even home inspectors are getting in on the trend, with one Wisconsin-based home inspection company using the sound as an intro to play "I'm Coming Out" by Diana Ross, followed by a clip of a home inspector hauling his gear to go inspect a home.


Me, on the way to another home inspection @Kate 💥 #homeinspector #realestate #house #home #homeinspection #realtor #kateylorrell

Although all good things (and all viral trends) must eventually come to an end, with virtually every niche finding a use for the TikTok sound, that end isn't here quite yet.

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