Sometimes you have to get creative to get noticed. That’s likely why one real estate agent created a rap video in lieu of a virtual tour to sell a Toronto property.

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Arty Basinski, of Real Estate By Bike, is the agent in charge of selling a semi-detached bungalow in the Beach Triangle area. Dubbed the “lil yellow house” after its bright exterior, the 1+1 bed home has a price tag of $499,000.

Although the property is small, Basinski does a great job of pointing out all of its best features, including its “lit” neighbourhood. The house is in close proximity to the Leslieville Farmer’s Market, The Beaches, Little India, and a local police station.

Basinski also notes that there are benefits to owning this piece of property. “Can rent it out for two g's collect all the moneys, fact that's affirmative, a condo alternative,” he raps. “Move right in, it's truly homey, owners loved it here by their own testimony.”

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The woman who’s seen singing at the piano in the video is actually the home’s owner, BlogTO reports. She chimes in with the chorus, “Little yellow house, you'll love the little yellow house.” It might be slightly eerie, but it’s certainly a memorable (and entertaining) way to sell a home.

This isn’t the first time a real estate agent has gotten creative with their home tour videos. Just last month, an Australian agent featured a couple performing a sultry dancethroughout a luxury property in Sydney as part of the home’s marketing campaign. Although the video received criticism, we can all agree it was certainly a unique approach.