Anyone who has used a GPS in Toronto or shown an out-of-towner around knows that pronouncing some of the city’s streets isn’t always easy. 

This is true even for some of us who call Toronto a part-time home, as evidenced by a recently-released video from Sportsnet that asks Toronto Raptors players to pronounce the names of famous city streets. It's a more challenging feat than it sounds, of course: they way many streets are spelled isn't always the way that they sound.

If you’re in the market for a laugh in advance of tonight’s Toronto Raptors game against the Chicago Bulls, the video is definitely worth a watch.

Among the names on the list are Queens Quay (which is still a tough one for long-time residents), Spadina Avenue, Roncesvalles Avenue, and Strachan Avenue. 

“I know Lakeshore and the Gardiner, that’s it,” said Pascal Siakam in the video. Fair.

Another often mispronounced name made the list -- but it wasn’t a street. Despite the fact that new Torontonians and visitors scratch their heads at the pronunciation of Etobicoke, the Toronto Raptors players scored points in their correct pronunciation of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) city. 

One street name Toronto Raptors players and fans won't mispronounce, of course, is the new(ish) Raptors Way.