Everybody knows that spending a little bit of time in Muskoka is a sure-fire way to tap into life's more regal aspects. (Exhibit A.)

And as if the northern region wasn't already spiffy enough, a recent development is throwing even more lavishness into the mix: according to the National Post, Charles Spencer -- the youngest brother of the late Princess Diana -- has reportedly purchased some property in Muskoka.

By "some," of course, we mean "a large untouched forest" and a cottage across the road.

According to the article, a great portion of Silver Lake’s southern waterfront is now owned by Earl of Spencer, as is a large untouched forest behind the beachfront. He is reportedly listed as the property's sole owner, though the purchase was made with his wife Karen, The Countess Spencer, who hails from Edmonton.

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The land, spanning 1,000 feet of shoreline and 20 acres of thick brush, steep rocky terrain, and a hemlock swamp, reportedly sold for $1.3 million; the corresponding cottage was listed for $8 million. According to the National Post, Ontario property records indicate the deal closed last Friday.

That the land was bought alongside an outright cottage purchase, plus the fact that Charles Spencer is "well known as a lover of nature," has caused some speculation that the terra firma and its waterfront pairing may remain undisturbed (read: not transformed into an estate).

But the property was sold with permission to build.

Meanwhile, the cottage that was also purchased by the Spencers rests on the waterfront of Arthurlie Bay on Lake Rosseau -- which is much larger than Silver Lake. East-facing, the cottage will see stunning sunrises, "but afternoons can be dark," whereas the Silver Lake forest does reportedly feature western exposure where the potential future build could stand.

According to the National Post, the land deal was in the works for months; the secret was kept even from Phil Harding, the mayor of Muskoka Lakes.

“I’m on a need to know basis and clearly I don’t need to know,” he reportedly said.

Sounds like Earl of Spencer may have been early to 2020's coveted pocket-listing game. And ultimately, he scored.