Given how much time we spend on apps like Instagram and TikTok aimlessly scrolling through content and viral videos -- which more often than not include realtors showcasing beautiful mansions and condos for sale in cities we've never been to -- it's not surprising to see the worlds of social media and real estate colliding in new ways.

Real estate has grown to become an entire culture in and of itself, with endless reality and DIY shows dominating Netflix and other streaming platforms while also generating millions of views across social media platforms through amazing content from listing agents, mortgage brokers, contractors, and even influencers.

But as we all know, it's easy to get lost in the sea of viral home tour videos, which, unfortunately, tend to be for homes you can't afford and in cities nowhere near where you live.

To bridge the gap between real estate listing videos and local buyers, a new mobile app called Playhouse has recently launched, and it is aiming to be the TikTok for real estate.

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Described as “fun and addictive like TikTok, practical and actionable like Zillow or Yelp,” Playhouse is a new mobile app where users can browse through video listings of homes and neighbourhoods, similar to how you would watch videos on the TikTok 'For You' page.

"Playhouse is the next generation destination for real estate listings. Tired of looking at boring pictures? Have you had enough of Photoshop? At Playhouse, our listings are exciting, authentic and 100% real so you can enjoy just browsing for fun or connect with a real estate agent if you found your next home," reads the app's description.

Playhouse combines property and neighbourhood data with a highly engaging full-screen video feed to create the ultimate consumer experience for discovering real estate.


On the app you'll find a property's main specs, including the listing price, address, square footage, and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. You can also see additional information like the property's description, a map of its location, price insights, and more.


There’s even a feature that lets you get in contact with the listing agent directly via call or email -- making it easy to set up an in-person showing.

While the app launched this week via Product Hunt and is now available on the App Store for US users, the company says it is working on expanding into other markets soon. Here's to hoping the app makes its way north of the border sooner rather than later.

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