Toronto police were called to a downtown construction site on Sunday morning as a multiple people were reported to be scaling a crane and taking photos.

Around 7:30 a.m., police responded to reports of people climbing a crane that's sat atop an under-construction building at Yonge Street and Grenville Street, just north of the College Street subway station.

Toronto Police confirmed to STOREYS that reports indicated three people were climbing the crane, but that "the suspects fled prior to police arrival." Although Police stated in a tweet about the incident that the climbers "can be charged criminally for their actions," no arrests have been made as of yet.

It is not yet clear how the climbers were able to access the crane, which appears to be a part of ongoing construction.

As great of a vantage point as the crane might have offered the reckless photographers, Police made sure to warn the public that stunts like this are "extremely dangerous." Slipping off a crane hundreds of feet in the air would certainly not be worth it for the gram.

This isn't the first crane-related incident to happen in Toronto as of late. In July, a construction worker at a site along Front Street West was left dangling by his hand 30 storeys in the air after he got caught up in the tagline being raised up by a crane. Thankfully after the crane operator realized what had happened, he was able to lower the worker back down to the ground and he walked away with a few bruises and a broken wrist.