The Government of Ontario wants to pay you to turn down your air conditioning this summer.

The newly announced Peak Perks program will provide a $75 pre-paid MasterCard to residents who have an eligible smart thermostat and are willing to reduce their air conditioning at peak times.

The program will launch in June, and for every consecutive year residents remain enrolled they'll receive a $20 pre-paid MasterCard.

Participants will see their air conditioning remotely turned down when the electrical grid is strained on the hottest of summer days. The adjustments, of which there will be a maximum of 10 from June to September, will only occur on weekdays for up to three hours during peak periods of demand.

Residents will be notified of each adjustment, which will be between two and four degrees Celsius, and can opt out at any time by simply changing the temperature on their thermostat or through their respective manufacturer's app. Doing so will not affect their incentive.

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In addition to the $75 incentive, the program will also help to lower customers' electricity bills, as Ontario's hot and humid summers tend to bring about the highest costs for power.

In addition to Peak Perks, Ontario has launched three other new and enhanced energy-efficiency programs, including an expanded custom Retrofit program for businesses and targeted support for greenhouse growers.

Altogether, the Province expects the programs to have a "strong impact in Southwest Ontario," with regional peak demand savings of 225 megawatts.

"The overall savings from this energy-efficiency programming will result in an estimated three million tonnes of greenhouse gas emission reductions over its lifetime — the equivalent to taking more than 600,000 vehicles off the road for one year," the Province said.

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