A vacant 77-hectare plot of land on Lake Eerie is currently listed for just $99,000.

The only catch? It’s currently submerged in lake water. And likely will be for a long time. 

“This property is presently underwater but could have endless possibilities in the future,” reads the listing. “Be creative.” (And no, we’re not joking). 

Located on Brock Street in the village of Shrewsbury, Ontario, the underwater plot of land lacks an actual address. 

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With sky-high prices for single-family homes across the country, demand for vacant land has indeed increased. These plots of land allow the owners to build at their leisure as their bank accounts provide, and to construct more affordable forms of housing, like tiny homes and modular houses

But a plot of land submerged in water is little use to anyone -- unless you’re in the market to relocate a houseboat. Even so, adding a boat to the property would require access to land of some sort, none of which is available in this property. 

Nonetheless, if the property floats your boat (at least, metaphorically) and you have an extra $99,000 laying around, you could at least soon say that you own a pristine piece of Ontario's real estate -- submerged in water or not.