Toronto’s most iconic movie theatre is getting some work done.

After over 50 years in business, the beloved Cinesphere at Ontario Place is starting to show its age. So, the orb-shaped theatre will undergo necessary dome improvements to bring it back to its original grand appearance on the Ontario Place waterfront. 

"As part of the Ontario Place redevelopment project, repairs are being made to some of the structures for ongoing maintenance," Ministry of Infrastructure spokesperson, Sofia Sousa-Dias tell STOREYS. "These repairs will focus on the Cinesphere, pod complex and bridges, and includes fixing the exterior of the structures, the cable system, roofs, exterior lighting, and window seals. To bring the dome back to its original appearance, the construction will remove and replace the deteriorating exterior roof panels, lighting, and insulation."

In addition, work will be done to repair the bridge leading to the Cinesphere.

To accommodate the transformation, the theatre will be temporarily closed as of October 17, 2022, as announced on the Ontario Place website.

Shutterstock 2163292837Toronto, Ontario - September 18, 2021 : The Cinesphere Theatre globe lit up and reflecting in water at Ontario Place Marina with the CN Tower in the distance.

The good news in the immediate term is that the theatre is ending things off on a high note; for the next two weekends, Cinesphere is bringing some favourite films to the big screen. Fans of action and sci-fi hits can catch the IMAX screenings of The Dark KnightInterstellarInceptionBlade Runner: 2049Dune, and Arrival

This isn’t the first time the theatre has closed for a little nip and tuck. In 2012, the Cinesphere shut its doors for five years to accommodate internal renovations designed to modernize the theatre-going experience. 

The celebrated Cinesphere is the world's first permanent IMAX movie theatre. Its revamp is just one anticipated transformation of Ontario Place. In August, new -- highly controversial -- plans were revealed for the future of the Toronto landmark.

While the tensions mount as to the fate of an equitable Ontario Place for all, in the meantime, at least we can enjoy some larger-than-life films on the big screen. According to reps from Ontario Place, the last screening is scheduled for Sunday, October 16, at 4 p.m.

The big question, of course is when will the beloved theatre reopen to cinema lovers? According to Ontario Place, work will continue until late 2023.