New TTC Subway And Streetcar Maps Make Commuting Much Easier

TTC Subway And Streetcar Map

Photo by Jed Dela Cruz on Unsplash.

Transferring between the subway and streetcar just got a whole lot easier thanks to new maps from the TTC.

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Earlier this week, The TTC began rolling out new transit maps on subway trains. The maps detail the entire rail network and include streetcar paths making connecting between the two networks much less confusing.

Currently, the maps are only being installed on the subway line, but as stock becomes available we may see them elsewhere — including on the site.

The new maps just days after the province and the city came to an agreement on “uploading” the TTC.

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In a statement on Tuesday, Minister of Transportation Jeff Yurek said the Ontario government will be in charge of the subway infrastructure, while the city and Toronto Transit Commission will remain in charge of day-to-day operations.

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