The collective has been in isolation -- the degrees of severity of which have fluctuated -- for almost a year now. And through this time, many have either taken up new hobbies or tucked back into their old ones.

Images surely come to mind before we even dive into examples; since last March, your Instagram feed has undoubtedly been plastered with an unprecedented number of sourdough photos, likely served alongside a hearty sprinkling of cross-stitch projects, completed puzzles, and piles of freshly-read books.

But one pair of co-quarantiners have taken this time of creative opportunity to... well... new creative heights.

Two full storeys worth of heights, you might say.

Scott Miller took to Twitter over the weekend to share the "mini modern house" his mother and step-father have collaborated on over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. The fully-built structure, designed from scratch, features functioning electricity, a working garage door, teak wood decks, and a Monopoly game complete with miniature game pieces... and those are only a few of the creation's minor details.

The place really does give new meaning to the term "tiny house."

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Typically, when sharing with you a listed property, we'll take you through a virtual tour of the place you could, potentially, call your own. While we can't guarantee this spot is move-in friendly, we do feel sure you're just as eager to see its image gallery as you would be for that of a property you could actually move into.

As such, please join us for a tour akin to one you'd take through a life-sized potential new home:


Note the luminaries in the gardens, the teensy gravel between the patio stones, and the meticulous brick siding.

My mom and step-dad have spent the better part of quarantine building what they call their "Mini Modern House."


Note the Rubik's cube, the glass of beer on a coaster, and the macrame hanging planter


Note the roast in the oven, the fireplace to write home about, and the tiny piano's tiny keys


Note the skylights, the tiny hairbrush, and how cool it would be if your bedroom was a scalene triangle


Note the garage's impressive organization, the boiler room's doubling as a Christmas storage space (same), and the itty bitty laundry detergent. 



Note the double doors that evoke feelings of "seeing the light." In truth, seeing this house doesn't feel that far off base...


Note the minuscule, shiny bar of soap perched on the edge of the covetable corner bathtub 


Which were needlepointed by Miller's mother.

(We're not crying, you're crying.)

Unsurprisingly, Miller's thread of Tweets has garnered a lot of Internet attention. (Hundreds of thousands of "likes" levels of attention.)

"Beyond being endlessly creative, my mama has the kindest heart of anyone I've ever met, so let's try to do a little good with all of this attention," Miller wrote alongside the thread of images, before sharing a link to the Alzheimer's Foundation of America to request donations from those who can do so.

From the perspective of scale, the little house about doubles the height of a cereal box, while the objects in each room pale in size compared to a can of soup.

In essence, the entire scenario is all at once wholesome, inspiring, serotonin-boosting, and incredibly impressive. And lucky for all of us, the fun doesn't have to end when the Twitter thread does, because the Mini Modern House has an Instagram account. If you could use an extra dose of joy this winter, why not follow along? We know we will be.