If you like change, you’ll enjoy the weather for rest of December.

And if you’re heading out shopping this weekend, or planning to go to the Distillery Christmas Market, Stackt, Winterfest at Wonderland, or the Swedish Christmas Fair opening Dec. 7,  you’re in luck, so far. The forecast for Saturday is 0 degrees with sun and cloud and Sunday the temperature may reach 5 degrees.

Changeable  and active are the words being used by The Weather Network to describe weather conditions as we hurtle towards Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

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Still, forecasters say that much of Canada will be near normal or slightly above seasonal for the month of December, but they don’t expect any region of the country will end up more than a degree or two above or below normal for the month as a whole.

In November, as you’ll surely recall, Ontario was colder than normal. And while December’s normal temperatures are naturally colder than Novembers, at least they’ll be normal – mostly.

The good news? The Weather Network says there “are a number of signals that point to a period of milder weather [in mid-December] spreading east into the Great Lakes region". But the warmup may be short lived because apparently during late December “we will start to transition towards our dominant pattern for the rest of winter.” But, say the forecasters, it could be delayed.

Changeable and active.  That's December - for now. And as for that White Christmas? It’s all a guess right now for Toronto.