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Name: Geoff Taylor
Brokerage: rennie
Personal website: Geoff Taylor
LinkedIn | Instagram
Years of realtor experience: 10+
Areas of focus: West Vancouver and North Vancouver


Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Edmonton, Alberta.

What neighbourhood do you live in now?

I currently live in West Vancouver's Caulfeild neighbourhood.

What made you want to become a realtor?

My previous career was in the advertising industry, working on the agency side for almost 15 years. This career took me from Vancouver to Toronto/New York and all over the world. My wife and I met in Vancouver and we always wanted to live here. When we decided to move here, we felt that real estate was one of the biggest and most important industries in Vancouver, so we applied strategic rigour and our marketing backgrounds to a career in residential real estate on the North Shore in Vancouver.

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What’s the biggest challenge you see facing the market today?

  1. Government policy has taken some buyers off the table, but this also takes some sellers off the table because they think there are no buyers. In turn, this reduces inventory and props up demand.
  2. Interest rates are higher than average. Due to the increases coming quickly and dramatically, there is a perceived shift in the market.
  3. Both of these challenges have affected market confidence. When market confidence is down, transactions are reduced, which creates a cycle (slower sales, less inventory, higher prices, less confidence, slower sales, etc.)

What’s the single best advice you have for sellers?

Be realistic about the value of your home and be realistic about the time it takes to sell a home. In the past five years, we have grown accustomed to a home selling with multiple offers on its first weekend, but this is not reflective of long-term market cycles. Lastly, do the work required to make your home show-ready. If your realtor is telling you to “just get on the market,” this might not be the best advice. The homes selling in these more challenging times are the ones that elicit emotions and inspire confidence with buyers.

What’s the single best advice you have for buyers?

If you like the house, go for it. Why wait? Otherwise, you’re just sitting on the sidelines watching good homes sell to other good buyers and families. A home is not a commodity like a tech stock — it’s where you live.

What’s the best thing a realtor can invest in for their brand (a bus bench ad, a solid Instagram strategy, etc.)?

Time. Go see all the homes for sale in your area of expertise. Talk to the realtors who do a lot of business. Host four open houses a week to meet people. Door knock. Read real estate books. Branding is important, but ultimately a very expensive supplementary tool second to your own human self. Being out there is key — invest the time in the market (and maybe post about that on Instagram!).

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Is there anything you wish people knew or understood about realtors that you think they’re constantly getting wrong?

When housing markets are hot, it can sometimes appear to be an easy job. In 2016, it seemed like everyone was becoming a realtor, and the general sense was that all you needed to do was put a sign on a property and it would sell over asking price. But being a successful realtor requires hard work. Prospecting is hard work. Selling a listing can be hard work. Finding the right home for a buyer can be hard work, and getting all the details right in between can sometimes be overwhelming. Being a full-service, full-time realtor is much more challenging than it can seem when market conditions are bountiful.

Tell us about your favourite (or most memorable) sale.

Honestly, my last sale was my favourite and most memorable, until I sell another. I have worked with absolutely amazing people, realtors, buyers, and sellers through my time as a realtor — and every transaction has its peaks/valleys and is memorable.

I’m currently representing Arthur Erickson’s Eppich House II in West Vancouver. It has already been a dream being a part of something so iconic; this will definitely be a memorable sale, for sure!

What are the three words you hope your clients use to describe you?

Experienced. Passionate. Friendly.

What’s your favourite thing to do outside of selling homes?

Since my job takes me away from my family on weekends and evenings, spending time with my wife, my two kids, and my dog fills my bucket. Ideally, we’re travelling somewhere together, but I even love just walking around the neighbourhood. Being with my family is my happy place. I also really like playing pickleball, that’s a lot of fun too!

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