Success in today’s real estate market isn’t easy. 

It takes a patient approach, but demands urgency when the right opportunities present themselves. It requires a commitment to financial discipline, but a willingness to make the bully offer. It rewards market intelligence, but really pays off for those who trust their gut. It takes a science to succeed in real estate, but those who succeed know that there’s an art to every deal.

And it’s that mix of art and science, head and heart, vision and reality that defines the market.

That balance is what makes real estate such a compelling source of conversation, and, it's what has made Toronto Storeys the city’s most read and most respected source of news and information about the market since its launch in the fall of 2016.

Simply put, we’ve reached new heights. And, like the skyscrapers that have come to define our landscape, we now offer an unparalleled view of the city.

From the first piece we published – a tribute to one of the city’s most beloved real estate commentators, John Bentley Mays, who had just passed away – we have reported on the people, projects, and places that matter most to the market. We opined on issues of affordability and the city’s rental crisis. We commented on urban planning decisions. We joined the debate about bike lanes, and toll roads, and the future of the Gardiner Expressway.

We shared jaw dropping new condo renderings. 

And we walked our readers around some of the city’s most extravagant homes, through our most beloved neighbourhoods, and into the boardrooms and offices of those whose real estate decisions impact how we live today, and what kind of life we can expect tomorrow.

Rsz 2014 head shot 738x1024Danny Roth, STOREYS Publisher

In just five short years we’ve chronicled a real estate market that won’t stop growing.  And in the process, we grew too.   

From the solid foundation our original editorial team established at launch – a foundation based entirely on the goal of becoming the GTA’s source for daily insight into the local real estate market – we’ve grown daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.

Simply put, we’ve reached new heights. And, like the skyscrapers that have come to define our landscape, we now offer an unparalleled view of the city.

With dozens and dozens of high-profile contributors and professional writers, industry experts and insiders, we’ve published thousands of articles since our launch, reached millions of unique readers (more than five million in the last year alone), and enjoyed a unique vantage point from which to watch a local real estate story become a national – and even international – phenomenon.

As we witnessed the local real estate market increasingly influence – and be influenced by – markets across the country and around the world, we realized that the stories we were telling were no longer uniquely local, but truly international in their scope, insight, and opportunity.

No longer satisfied telling local stories in a global marketplace, we realized that Toronto Storeys must evolve, like the market itself. That we needed a new name and a dynamic new web experience. 

That we needed to become

With a new name and a new site, we are once again serving as the market’s preferred source for real estate content. 

And with our renewed commitment to providing a digital home for the experts and insiders; the designers, the architects, planners, and politicians; for the developers, the realtors, the renters, and the homeowners, we are continuing to give voice to those with something to say about today’s real estate market. 

Welcome to our new site.  Welcome to STOREYS. 

Real Estate. With a View.

Danny Roth

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